Help One. Protect Many.

Step Together supports the community in overcoming the challenge of violent extremism. Our services focus on early intervention and awareness.

  • This short film highlights our efforts and wholistic approach in the countering violent extremism space.

    What is Step Together?

    This short film highlights our efforts and wholistic approach in the countering violent extremism space.


    (Soft music plays. The video opens with a close up shot of a human eye reflecting images of a computer screen appears. Screen turns black.)

    Text on black slide: What is Step Together?

    New black slide: Step Together is there to support community members and help overcome the challenge of violent extremism.

    Together we seek to overcome all forms of violent extremism so that every person living in NSW feels safe and has a place.

    New black slide: NSW is a welcoming and connected society. One which respects the different views, backgrounds and cultures that make us stronger. 

    New black slide: However, the is a small number of people vulnerable to violent extremist views that need our support.

    (Screen changes to a youth is sitting on a bed with a hoodie over their head so their face cannot be seen. Their head is in their hands. The room’s curtains are drawn and a computer can be seen of to the side playing a video.)

    Text over images: Step Together is a helpline and digital support service.

    (Close up of hands typing on a laptop. They appear to be in a darkened room.)

    Text over images: Our focus is early intervention and awareness in the countering violent extremism space.

    (Close up of a youth’s head wearing a computer headset. They appear to be in a darkened room.)

    Text over images: This environment is forever changing.

    (The back of a youth walking alone down a street at night.)

    Text over images: If you have concern for someone that may be vulnerable to this influence. Step Together can assist in navigating the landscape and help you start the conversation. 

    (Screen fades to black before changing to a woman in a bright room during the day speak into a mobile while smiling and nodding supportively)

    Text over images: In a safe and confidential space we can connect you with appropriate support services in your community and offer solutions for those you care about, for a better pathway.

    (Screen fades to black.)

    Text on black slide: Help one. Protect many.

    (New black slide with Step Together logo in the centre and NSW government logo in lower left corner)

    Text on black slide:  Step Together 1800 875 204

    End of transcript.

What is violent extremism?

Violent extremism is a willingness to use unlawful violence, or support the use of violence by others, to promote a political, ideological or religious goal. It exists along a spectrum from passive support to active promotion of violence towards these goals. It can't be mistaken for radicalisation. Individuals with radical beliefs usually want a drastic change in society, but don't necessarily advocate violence.

Violent extremism - Recognising the signs

Increased time spent online or consuming violent content.

Lonely, withdrawn, isolated, increasingly angry or frustrated.

Showing intense political, ideological or religious interest, sympathising or identifying with, extremist groups.

Forensic Psychologist Dr Carollyne's story

“I was so pleased to make contact with Step Together.  I needed advice for a volatile client of mine and at the same time had some real safety concerns. I was provided vital information and assurance from a senior case manager who assisted in resolving my issues.  A wonderful service”.

Reach out for support

Call our helpline

In a safe and confidential space our experienced case managers are here to answer your questions, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Chat with us online

Chat with a case manager via our live chat, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Send us an email

Leave us a message anytime and we will get back to you within two business days.

Seeking support and advice

For family and friends

If you are concerned about someone, it’s important to keep an eye out for changes in behaviour. These could indicate they may be vulnerable to violent extremism. Creating an environment for positive communication is vital, and can help family and friends express their feelings, as well as acknowledge their differences.

For your community

Our focus is to build on the strong and welcoming nature of NSW society, with all its differences. The Engagement and Support Unit (ESU) works alongside our diverse communities to help build a stronger base for NSW. By working together, we minimise the risk of people becoming influenced by violent extremism.

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