About Step Together

Step Together is a helpline and digital support service for people looking for advice on how to best protect someone from involvement in violent extremism (using violence for social, political or ideological change). We provide a safe space where key support networks can talk through their concerns and find information on how they can help others. Our trained support workers are here to answer your questions, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Free call 1800 875 204.

Step Together is delivered by the NSW Government Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ), as part of an ongoing commitment to fight violent extremism, with more than 240 community groups consulted on the purpose and design of the service. It is not a reporting service, and is not associated with law enforcement.

What is Violent Extremism?

‘Violent extremism’ refers to a person or group who justify or use fear, terror and violence to achieve social, political or ideological change.

Violent extremism can come from any side of the political spectrum, any religion, race or other grouping. The key defining behaviour that makes it a problem for our society is the use of violence to pursue goals for change.

While there is no single profile of what makes someone turn towards violent extremism, in many cases the path begins with loneliness, social isolation and a need to belong. Often this can show up as social problems before it escalates into violent activity. Visit our “Help and Support” page for how you can help.

What is Countering Violent Extremism?

Countering Violent Extremism or “CVE” work is focused on reducing politically, ideologically or religiously motivated violence in the community. CVE is a necessary complement to law enforcement. CVE work seeks to reduce the risk of violent extremism by providing early intervention and support to address social, psychological or behavioural issues before they escalate to violent action.

What does Step Together do?

In many cases, support networks play a crucial role in dissuading people from heading down the path of using violence for change. This is because family, friends and community workers may be best placed to notice changes in people’s behaviour that could indicate something is wrong.

Step Together can help you find support to get people back on a safer path, and address the social problems that are often associated with violent extremism – before they become a bigger problem. 

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