Support and advice

Whether you require support and advice for a family member, someone in your community or for yourself, Step Together can offer you the specialist CVE knowledge, tools and advice needed to get you on track. Let us help you start the conversation.

For families and friends

In order for families to help prevent acts of violent extremism it is important for them to understand what the process looks like and what they need to look out for. There is no single pathway to violent extremism and the process is unique to each person. However, there are some common elements in the experiences of most people who have turned towards violent extremist views, regardless of their beliefs or motivations. Step Together explores how to identify concerning behaviour and what preventative measures we can put in place.

Rosa's story

ESP has been a lifesaver for us. Not just for my grandson, but also for my husband and myself. The last couple of years have been hell and without them I don’t think we would have survived…I don’t think my grandson would have made any progress without the support and guidance provided by ESP. We were floundering, we didn’t know what to do…and they pointed us in the right direction…They went above and beyond”

  • We are working to raise awareness and address the concepts surrounding Violent Extremism through community engagement. Community safety is our goal.

    Community engagement

    We are working to raise awareness and address the concepts surrounding Violent Extremism through community engagement. Community safety is our goal.


    (Uplifting acoustic music plays. The video opens with a scene of people an RUOK? Day expo with market umbrellas and colourful gazebos)

    Text over moving image: "Community Engagement Helping Counter Violent Extremism"

    NSW CVE engagement and Support Unit bottom right footer.

    Montage of exhibitor and attendee close ups.

    Speaker 1 voice over: We have to work together to provide the option for a better pathway and a future. 

    Speaker 1 piece to camera: Our community engagement work that we do right across New South Wales is about more than just raising awareness for our ESU programs. 

    (Cut to montage footage of Step Together stall with close ups of merchandise and brochures and Step Together staff talking to patrons and open day entertainment with guitar.)

    Speaker 1 voice over: It's also about educating our communities on exactly what violent extremism is. And this in turn helps to demystify the concepts and stigmas surrounding it.

    We're really trying to debunk that head in the sand mentality or mindset where people think we don't have that around here. This isn't happening in our area when we in fact know that it is. And equally in the regional areas, as in the metro areas.

    (Cut to montage footage of Step Together community engagement presentation to stakeholders and university campus staff. Attendees nod in interest and engage with the QR code function on their phones to actively participate.)

    Speaker 1 voice over: What we're seeing is vulnerable people and especially vulnerable youth. They've come from troubled homes, experienced trauma, normalised violence in the home.

    There's a multitude of needs that have to be addressed, and they're really seeking that connection or that sense of belonging. And we have to work together to provide the option for a better pathway and a future working together towards a safer community. 

    (Cut to montage of exhibitor stalls and RUOK? Day bunting, presentation participants looking at our Step Together and ESP brochures, Step Together staff greeting attendees and shaking hands. Cut to other stakeholder stall holders at the event, people walking and interacting with stalls.)

    Speaker 1 voice over: We travel all over New South Wales, connecting with local communities and services to bridge the gap and inform parents, support workers, educators and practitioners about the vulnerabilities of violent extremism.

    We are happy to come and talk to you. We need to start communicating and be more aware. We need to know and understand the signs and to know the supports available in this space. 

    Speaker 1 piece to camera: As a community, collectively, we really need to just start the conversation.

    (Fade to black screen. Government crest logo bottom left of screen.)

    Text on Screen: Contact ESU Community Engagement on 1800 203 966

    End of transcript.

For your community

Australia is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse nations in the world. The challenge for Australia is to accept difference while also promoting social cohesion. A breakdown in social cohesion can lead to a breakdown in community resilience. This in turn can lead to a wide range of social problems. Step Together helps inform the Australian community about how individuals might become engaged in violent extremism and how we can all work together towards the shared goal of community safety.

Advice and support

If you would like further advice and support on how best to help someone you care about, contact our Step Together helpline workers.

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